Mazzy Star Performance From 1994 = Nostalgia

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If you're of a certain age, you see the words "Mazzy Star" and immediately think of those dim days of high school, pining away for the person who didn't even know you existed while listening to the hauntingly sweet sound of Hope Sandoval's voice lilting a sad lament, perhaps in a darkened room lit by multi-colored Christmas lights. Or maybe that's just me.

At any rate, for many of us who were teenagers in the '90s, Mazzy Star played a big part in helping us deal with a crush or a breakup, or maybe--if you were lucky--their music documented a new relationship. For some, the band faded away a bit with the end of the decade, and hearing an old concert is like stepping back into those flannel-clad years, for good or bad.

On that note, I'll just leave this here.

Hat tip to Buzzfeed for the vid.

Amanda Crum
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