Matteo Renzi To Lead New Italian Government

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Last Friday, Enrico Letta resigned as Italy’s prime minister after he was ousted from the position in a vote engineered by Matteo Renzi, his party rival, for delaying reform programs. As a result, President Giorgio Napolitano has tasked Renzi to take over Letta’s position. Renzi will be sworn in to be Italy’s prime minister within the next two days.

Renzi has been the mayor of Florence since 2009. At just 39 years old, he will be Italy's the youngest prime minister ever. At his age, he is just 2 months younger than Benito Mussolini, who ruled as Italy’s prime minister in 1922.

With the news, Italy is willing to gamble on the young politician who is known to have a fresh perspective when it comes to the political caste. Renzi is also known as “The Scrapper” or “Il Rottamatore” for his ability to act on scrapping Italy’s political formation. He has very little political baggage and has the demeanor of a simple man with great ambition. He has high hopes for Italy’s reform, but still remains untested with the people as he will be appointed to position rather than being voted in place. Renzi will be the 3rd prime minister to be appointed.

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta steps down

Renzi hopes that he has the support of the Italian people in his plans for implementing reforms faster in order to speed up the economy’s growth.

Italians have given their piece on the issue. Some support Renzi’s innovative ideas and think that he has the determination to follow through with his plans for Italy. However, others are a bit doubtful of his policies and the way he got the position of prime minister.

Renzi has now been given the power to make changes in Italy’s political system, and Italians just have to wait for results and hope that the new Italian government will have answers for problems the country is currently facing.

Who is Matteo Renzi?

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