Matt Damon Says 'Martian' Director Ridley Scott Deserves Oscar Nod Before He Does

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Matt Damon, star of the critically acclaimed film The Martian, says director Ridley Scott deserves an Oscar nomination for his work on the film before he does.

Many consider Damon a frontrunner for a best actor Oscar nomination for his work in The Martian, but the Oscar-winning actor says there are others more deserving of an Oscar nod.

"Honest to God, there are other performances I would give it to," Damon said on Wednesday's Today show when asked about the possibility of winning a best actor Oscar for The Martian.

Damon seems more concerned that Ridley Scott, acclaimed for his work on such films as Alien and Gladiator, has yet to win an Academy Award.

"I'm much more interested in the director race this year," Damon said, noting that he thought Scott had received an Oscar when Gladiator won best picture but he didn't because he wasn't a producer on the film.

"Our awards are all diminished until he wins one," Damon graciously said of Scott.

Ridley Scott joined Damon on the Today show interview and said he is also hoping to finally win an Oscar. He noted that he knows exactly what he'll tell the coveted trophy if he does succeed in finally winning.

"If I ever get it I'll say, 'Where have you been?'" laughed Scott.

Pam Wright