Matt Cutts Loves the 'Leap' Motion Controller


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Just a couple of hours after we ran the story about the new 'Leap" motion controller, SEO demigod, Matt Cutts, Tweeted the video.

Minority Report-like UI interaction? Yes please! New product from @leapmotion
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If you haven't seen the video, you should. If it works as well as advertised we could see some incredible innovations utilizing this technology. If I could only get my hands on that Google money.

Matt Cutts is also pretty in with the ladies, and could even give Zuckerberg a pointer or two about spending money. Who knew.

As you can see from the video, the Leap is amazing. And saying that it has "Minority Report like interactions" is not far from the truth at all. Right now they are taking applications for developers, and I really wish I was a developer, cause this thing will have some really cool uses.

Leap has received over a thousand requests from developers, but they are expecting that number to grow exponentially now that it is getting some major news coverage. Their plan is to sift through the applicants in the next few months, starting off with developers in the fields of medicine , gaming, engineering, science, research, and education... I just want to type on an invisible keyboard.