Matt Cutts Is Surprised People Are Still Being Duped By "Dog Fart Jr."

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Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video. This time, Matt Cutts shares his biggest surprise of the year for the web spam team.

"I would probably say the sheer number of people who continued to be snookered by snakeoil salesman products...that promise to instantly rocket you to number one," says Cutts. "I would expect that in 2012, people would be a little bit more skeptical about that, especially after we do a pretty good job of finding various link networks, different ways of spamming Google - all that sort of stuff."

"A lot of the times, black hat guys will use a particular technique, and when it looks like it's reaching the end of its lifespan, they'll package it up, they'll sell it to you in an ebook, or they'll sell it to you as a script package, or a recurring service, or a link network that you can subscribe to," he says. "And I'm like, I don't get why people would believe this, and they're like, 'Well, there's two other guys on the forum who say that it's great,' and it's like, well, they're named Dog Fart Jr. and Black Hat Assassin, and the package that you're thinking about buying is spam forum software. You think those guys don't know how to make sock puppet accounts that say, 'Yeah, this is great, has anybody else used it?...I love it!'"

Google sure does love the ol' "Dog Fart" reference.

Chris Crum
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