Matt Cutts & Duane Forrester's Lulz Over Bing's Penguin "Update"

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If you stopped by Bing's homepage today, you probably noticed that their image changed from yesterday. That's not really a significant change because Bing changes their image every day. However, one particular visitor to Bing's homepage today couldn't help but notice a certain note of humor in today's photograph.

Google's search wizard, Matt Cutts, who has spent some considerable time talking about Google's Penguin update lately, couldn't help but tease Bing's search wizard, Duane Forrester, over the choice of Bing using a photograph of some penguins at play for today's image (seen in the lead image).


Cutts has been somewhat of a huckster lately when it comes to Bing. Last week at SMX Advanced, Cutts playfully said that he was afraid to take on the challenge of using Bing for 30 days and that he only takes up good habits. Cutts and Forrester then swapped good-humored jokes between each other on Twitter.

Given how contentious competitors can get sometimes, it's nice to see that Cutts and Forrester still know how to enjoy a laugh together.

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