Matt Barnes Arrest Gets Ugly Over Unpaid Ticket

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Matt Barnes, former LA Lakers star, was arrested on Monday night on charges of failing to appear in court for an unpaid ticket he was given for driving on a suspended license, and while that may seem pretty cut and dried, things got ugly when the arresting officer decided to charge him with resisting, as well.

As TMZ reported, a policeman spotted Barnes going into a restaurant and waited until he came out two hours later to confront him about the missed court date. When Barnes tried to hand his car keys to his girlfriend, the officer grabbed his hand and Barnes instinctively pulled away. But according to the police department, Barnes made a verbal threat and was uncooperative, which was what got him into trouble.

“Our officer was aware that Mr. Barnes had an outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrant out of our city. He attempted to make contact with Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes didn’t cooperate and was eventually taken into custody,” Lt. Steve Tobias said.

Threatening a public official is a felony which can carry up to a $10,000 fine, among other things, but Barnes was released from custody after posting his $51,000 bail and later tweeted about the incident:

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