Mass Effect N7 Armor Will be in Dead Space 3

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EA today announced an odd crossover feature that will be in Dead Space 3. Gamers who have played Mass Effect 3 will be able to outfit Isaac Clarke and John Carver in armor inspired by N7 designs in the Mass Effect universe.

To don the armor, gamers will have to have played Mass Effect 3 and have a Mass Effect 3 save file on the same system they are playing Dead Space 3 on. That's basically it. EA didn't say whether the armor is better or worse than the starting armor for Dead Space 3 or whether the N7 style will be upgraded along with armor during the game.

Between the superfluous Kinect voice capabilities and this latest announcement, it seems as if the Dead Space franchise is getting a bit silly. If the story and gameplay in Dead Space 3 isn't up to fans' expectations, the game may end up being EA's Mass Effect 3-like disappointment for 2013. Hopefully gamers won't be asked to pay for day-one DLC that pertains directly to the series' story.

Here's the trailer for the new armor, which does at least look pretty cool:

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