Mass Effect 3 Finally Gets Fixed On June 26

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The fallout following the supposed terrible ending to Mass Effect 3 has subsided a lot since it first started consuming our lives back in March. During that time, BioWare promised a free update to the game that would expand upon the ending and explain what happened. BioWare has followed through on that promise with the extended ending going out next week.

BioWare announced today that Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC via Origin on June 26. As they previously promised, the update will be completely free. The update is pretty beefy at 1.9GB and promises to expand on the "endings of Mass Effect 3 through additional scenes and epilogues sequences."

Interestingly enough, BioWare also said that the Extended Cut will give "a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series." Sure, it could be just one of typical RPG endings where the heroes hold hands as they watch all the good they have done while the screen fades out to a "fin." That's no fun, however, so let's speculate. Perhaps the Extended Cut will tell us where the Mass Effect franchise will go from here. Since they already confirmed that the series would be a trilogy, it might hint at a new franchise set in the same universe following a different hero.

For those who were hoping for entirely brand new endings, you're out of luck. As mentioned above, the Extended Cut only serves to expand upon the endings that are already in the game. So I guess the ending where Shepard wakes up to find that he is actually in fact Dr. Ray Muzyka is out of the question then.

Check out the BioWare blog post for details on where the new content starts to show up. It's full of spoilers so don't go unless you've already completed the game once and subjected yourself to the terrible ending. Speaking of spoilers, BioWare has also put together a little talk with the game's writers discussing what went into making the Extended Edition.

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