Mashable Bought By Conan O'Brien, Replaces CEO


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Tech site Mashable has been bought out by the most unlikely of people - late night comedian Conan O'Brien. The purchases comes as a result of O'Brien's frustration over a lack of decent technology news Web sites and he intends to change it in big ways.

The video posted today announcing the purchase of the company details what happens between Conan O'Brien and former Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore. O'Brien called Cashmore at home and yelled angrily, and I quote, "You’re out! Get out! You’re through Cashmore! Through! Get out!" Unfortunately for O'Brien, verbal threats weren't enough to get Cashmore to step down, and that was when O'Brien went for every man's weakness - the all mighty dollar. Yes, O'Brien has bought his way into the CEO-ship of Mashable for a grand amount of $3,500. You read that right, folks. O'Brien is a big spender and he is not afraid to empty his bank account.

Even though it's a Sunday, O'Brien has already been enormously busy as the new CEO of Mashable. He has changed the Mashable color scheme to white and orange with his hair adorning the "e" in the Mashable logo. He has also been breaking news in the tech sector today when he stole and live tested the rumored Apple TV.

It's going to be an interesting day and week for Mashable as they transition to being run by O'Brien. We wish Cashmore the best of luck in his future endeavors. Perhaps he can take over as CEO of Yahoo! as an April Fools Day joke next year.