Mary Steenburgen Signs Record Deal with Universal

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Its never too late to chase your dreams, and actress Mary Steenburgen is a prime example of that notion. She has an Academy Award, now she's going for a Grammy. The 60-year-old actress is known for her long-standing career in the film industry for movies like “Back to the Future III,” “Philadelphia” and “The Help.” But, recently, she inked a songwriting deal with Universal Music.

Steenburgen accredits her musical awakening to an epiphany she experienced after undergoing a minor surgery. According to CBS News, Steenburgen describes her song-writing as a 'new emerging ability she can't even explain.' She said after her surgery, “music started right after that.” Since then, she's written more than 40 songs. Her husband, actor Ted Danson, also fueled her musical desire when he bought her an accordion as a Valentine's Day gift earlier this year.

Although Steenburgen is moving into the music industry, film is still a dominant force in her career. Her latest film, “Last Vegas” is actually headed for theaters Nov. 1. In addition to Steenburgen, the film is flooded with other veteran actors, including Robert de Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas. “Last Vegas” centers around four men in their mid-sixties. They head to Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of their last single buddy. The comedy chronicles all of the events of their Vegas extravaganza.

In addition to “Last Vegas,” Steenburgen has other films headed to theaters. But, she's won't just be on screen this time. She's working behind the scenes putting those writing skills to work, as well. She also serves in the capacity of co-writer and director for films, Mahesh Pailoor's “Brahmin Bulls” and “Song One” which stars Anne Hathaway. “Brahmin Bulls” is scheduled to be released closer toward the end of 2013, while “Song One” is currently in post-production status, slated for a 2014 release.
Image via Wikimedia Commons | Mary Steenburgen

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