Mary McCormack, Retta, Other Actresses Star In Pro-Choice Videos

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Mary McCormack and some famous friends like Elizabeth Banks, Retta and Amy Brennaman are have joined the fight against abortion restrictions.

The videos starring Mary McCormack and others are coming out shortly ahead of the case which will take place March 2nd in the Supreme Court about restrictions imposed by the state of Texas on abortion clinics.

The video campaign, called Draw the Line, featured scripts written by Betty Thomas. The scripts came from real women who submitted their true stories to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

For example, Mary McCormack tells the story, in the first person, about a woman named Susanne. Susanne was denied an abortion after she went into preterm labor and it was confirmed that she would lose the baby in the end.

Mary McCormack details how Susanne, instead of getting an abortion, had to endure 17 hours of labor only for her son to die minutes after birth.

Elizabeth Banks is another celebrity that is lending her name and face to the Draw the Line campaign.

In her video, she tells the story of Rebecca, who aborted her abusive boyfriend's baby and the surprising support that came from a stubborn friend.

In part of her video, she says, “I told her I could not have my abuser’s baby. I could not create a life with such a hateful man.”

She added, “What I remember the most about my experience is how the women in my life stepped up to support the decision I was choosing to make, because the life they were most concerned about was mine.”

However, the Draw the Line ladies are not the only ones who are hoping for a decision in their favor from the Supreme Court.

A coalition of pro-life activists called Texas Loves Life are launching a prayer campaign for the restrictions to be upheld.

Carol Everett, founder of The Heidi Group based in Round Rock, Texas, said, "We recently surveyed our network of 183 life-affirming pregnancy centers in Texas, who reported increases as high as 300 percent of women using our ultrasound and other services."

She added, "Working from that detailed survey, we estimate at least 40,000 lives have been saved in Texas since HB 2 was enacted in 2013."

What do you think about Mary McCormack and other women stepping into the Draw the Line campaign ahead of the Supreme Court ruling?

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