Mary-Louise Parker Fights for Troubled Son in "Jamesy Boy"

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In a sneak-peek clip of Mary-Louise Parker’s upcoming-featured film," Jamesy Boy,” it shows a mother who fights to keep her gang-related son in school.  

Based on a true story about James Burns, portrayed by Spencer Lofranco, the film illustrates the let downs a young 14-year-old teen experienced by the school system.

The clip, however, shows a prelude to the administration's admission rejection.

"Miss Burns, let me be frank with you. We have some concerns. We've read your son's record and we're not convinced that our school is the right place for a student with his particular history,” said the admissions officer to Parker’s character in reference to her son. (image)

The officer then goes on to elaborate on her son’s unstable violent behavior and list of convictions. She unashamedly admits that the school is afraid that Burns would be a danger to other students.

Burns ends up joining a street gang, which eventually leads to his incarceration in a maximum-security prison. However, his relationship with a convicted murderer mentors him in changing his life around. (image)

Throughout the movie, you can expect to see “…an education system resisting the wayward, failing a mother, and pushing a young person further into despair.” Other costars include James Woods, Taissa Farmiga, Taboo of Black Eyed Peas and Ving Rhames.

Directed by Trevor White, "Jamesy Boy" is set to release on Demand January 3 and premier in theaters January 17.

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