Mary Kate McEacharn Engaged to Duck Dynasty Star

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Despite falling ratings, Duck Dynasty and its stars continue to be, against all odds, a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. The Robertson family, now far from their duck call roots, has become a staple of cable and network TV alike.

Sadie Robertson is the latest member of the family to take the spotlight. The 17-year-old has survived four weeks of the ballroom dancing competition TV show Dancing with the Stars, impressing the judges and receiving generally high scores.

Now Sadie's older brother is making headlines with a significant birthday and important life decision. John Luke Robertson is now engaged to Mary Kate McEacharn. The proposal took place on Robertson's birthday and was publicly announced by McEacharn through her Instagram account.


Happy Birthday to the boy I'm going to marry❤️❤️

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John Luke spoke out about the proposal as well, telling Us magazine that McEacharn is his "best friend" and that "God has truly blessed" the couple. The reality star also headed-off criticism, stating that his parents married young and have served as an example for him.

According to Us the proposal was attended by Sadie, who traveled home to Louisiana to be a part of the occasion. The siblings' foster sister, Rebecca, was also present at the time and posted another look at the happy couple on Instagram.


She said YES @missmarymcmcmc so excited to be your sister

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Despite the continued popularity of the Robertson family, it appears that Duck Dynasty is on the decline. Ratings for the show have been sinking steadily for over a year now, possibly due to controversy.

In an interview in late 2013 Phil Robertson, family patriarch and grandfather of Sadie and John Luke, first revealed his anti-gay views. He and his family have since reiterated those opinions, pointing to their Christian beliefs as the reason for them.

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