Mars Rover Joins Foursquare, Checks-in at Gale Crater

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Having checked-in at nearly every place on Earth, it's about time Foursquare users have moved on to another planet. But in order to do this, the social network needed a brand new member. Luckily, the Mars rover Curiosity has obliged.

That's right, NASA's one-ton Mars explorer has officially joined Foursquare. It's only check-in so far has been at Gale Crater, the site of its famous landing nearly two months ago.

Here's what Foursquare had to say in a blog post:

"To explore the Red Planet alongside NASA, simply like the Mars Rover’s page. While on Mars, the rover will conduct several experiments to try and track down traces of past microbial life, and share pictures and updates along the way. For those of us rooted on planet Earth, Foursquare’s here to help you explore your local science and technology centers, museums, and laboratories (search in Explore to find ones nearby). Keep an eye out for a Curiosity-themed badge later this year."

Since we all can't really check-in on Mars, I guess a badge is a good consolation.

Although the Curiosity rover has only checked-in once, it's already left a couple of tips:

Wish you weighed less? Visit the Red Planet. Because Mars is so much smaller, its gravity makes you weigh only 3/8 what you do on Earth.

Mars is cold, dry and rocky. Extra moisturizer and sturdy shoes would be a good idea, plus oxygen for those of you who breathe.

I guess we can expect to see more humorous tips out of the NASA team. You can follow all the updates from the rover here.

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