Mars Rover Curiosity Snaps A Self Shot

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In news that proves robots are just like us, the Mars Curiosity rover has now officially beamed back its first-ever self shot to NASA headquarters.

"On Sept. 7th, the Curiosity rover used a camera located on its arm to obtain this self portrait. The image of the top of Curiosity's Remote Sensing Mast, showing the Mastcam and Chemcam cameras, was acquired by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI). The angle of the frame reflects the position of the MAHLI camera on the arm when the image was taken. The image was acquired while MAHLI's clear dust cover was closed," says NASA/JPL.

The image was taken as the MAHLI and other instruments ans tools were being inspected by the rover's Mastcams.

Unlike many humans out there, the mars rover has pretty good self-shot aim:

Space enthusiasts out there, it would be a crime to fail to follow the Curiosity Rover's official Twitter account. Since the landing on Mars last month, NASA has been tweeting out updates and images straight from the Martian surface.

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