Mark Zuckerburg Posts First Ever Live Q&A On Facebook

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Mark Zuckerburg just conducted Facebook's first ever live video Q&A they've done as a community together. "I've been going around the world and doing some townhall Q&A's to learn from people around the community what you want to hear from Facebook, what you want to see on Facebook and what we could be doing better to serve you," Zuckerburg remarked to open the conversation.

"Recently we launched this new product Live which allows us to hear from people all over the world live'" stated Zuckerburg. "A few weeks ago I started off trying to do an internal live Q&A and I found it was so much more fun and engaging and I could see peoples comments as I was going. So rather than just having a few hundred or a few thousand people in a room we could do this here and we could have tens or hundreds of thousands of people participating in a town hall Q&A together all across the world."

From Zuckerburg:

It seemed like just a great opportunity to give this a shot and let's see how this goes so I can hear from more of you at the same time and see if we can have a better dialogue this way. This is more of a trial, I've never tried anything of this scale before so here's what we're going to do. I posted last week talking about this upcoming Q&A and I asked for questions.

But first on a more serious note I want to call out a comment from Juan Pablo Corso from Dearfield Beach, Florida. Juan said, "We all together need to start using social media and technology to find solutions to humanities problems and to work together towards peace and we all need to act together now." That comment struck me and I completely agree with that. That's what we need to do as a community.

Watch the full hour long video here:

As of this writing there have been over 6 million views of the Facebook Live video and over 376,000 comments!

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