Mark Zuckerberg On Pinterest: Real or Fake?

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As previously reported, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now has a Pinterest account. Whether that's real or fake is a little unclear. It's been reported on as if it's real, without any actual indication that it is (at least that I've seen). I've reached out to Facebook for comment, though I'm not sure they'll bother with something like this. Until I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume that it's fake.

Facebook now has verified accounts. Perhaps Pinterest should look into this soon. The service is quickly gaining popularity, and it's already getting fake accounts. Last week, a Mitt Romney satire account was reported on.

As we looked at before, "Mark Zuckerberg" has been posting things like iPhone home screens and movie posters for Brides Maids and Moneyball. I like to think the CEO of Facebook has better things to do with his time.

Pinterest Or Is That A Fake-out Account?" src="" alt="" width="616" />

It's not out of the question that Zuckerberg would join Pinterest. He has a Twitter account and a Google+ account. However, he rarely uses either (although he did recently tweet for the first time in years). I doubt he's using Pinterest to post more things than he is posting to Facebook. His most recent Facebook update is from February 1. For that matter, there's no Pinterest activity apparent on his Timeline:

Zuckerberg Timeline

You would think he'd be sharing his Pinterest activity to Facebook, especially considering that Facebook has been playing up Pinterest as a "Timeline Success Story".

"Since launching their open graph integration less than a month ago, the number of Facebook users visiting Pinterest every day has increased by more than 60%," the company wrote on its developer blog. "The virtual pinboard site has made it fun and easy to share the items you’ve pinned and follow the boards of people you find interesting."

Either way, "Mark Zuckerberg" on Pinterest has nearly 4,000 followers as of the time of this writing. Under his "Most Notable Companies of the Month" board, he has Facebook, JP Morgan Chase & Company and Boku.

He does go by the account name "Zuck," which is the same one he goes by on Facebook.

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