Mark Zuckerberg Marriage Gets Over 1 Million Likes

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It's no secret now that Mark Zuckerberg got married on Saturday after a lackluster day on Wall Street. Like the responsible Facebook CEO that he is, he updated his Facebook Timeline to indicate that he had indeed been married. When we covered the marriage on Sunday, the announcement was sitting around 700,000 likes. Since then, a lot more people have liked it.

The original post now has over 1.2 million likes. The comments thread has also reached 770. It's definitely no world record breaker (which currently sits at over 1 million comments), but it shows that people obviously care about the man behind Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Marriage Gets Over 1 Million Likes

The real meat of this story is obviously the comments on the post. I wouldn't really be able to call myself a journalist if I didn't sift through all 770 comments, most of them just saying "congrats," to find the really endearing, or funny, ones.

This is the way real men celebrate success, making a commitment to someone you love. This proves that Mark Zuckerberg for all of his creativity and above the clouds thinking, he is a human being in touch with what matters in life. The guy has achieved monumental success and with an air of humility celebrates with those who he collaborated with at his company, his family and then marries his love. This is frankly model behavior for a Corporate Leader in America, if you ask me. I do not know how you do not root for this guy and consider yourself someone who respects America and what this country is all about. As I near middle age, maybe the Facebook crowd is teaching me that the world just might have a better, smarter and more determined generation to extend the American experience. Call me romantic but I am impressed and this is an undertone of humanity that maybe won't be the story in the Financial News Media.

The most important journey of your life has arrived! I'm really looking forward to seeing how many good things you will yet bring to our world to make it a better place for all of humanity. I would like to send you one of my works as a wedding gift. If you like one of my works on my FB wall then I'll make it as on original and send it to you an your beautiful bride.

There are things that deserve a white shirt and tie. An IPO is not one of them. Congrats =)

I now have something in common with Mark Zuckerberg: we share the same wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

Congrats Mark but next time you upload a photo you didn't take you should really let everyone know who took it!

You were greedy during the stock IPO and hurt your followers. I've lost confidence in you and the FB brand. You're no better than Jamie Dimon and his Wall Street friends.

That last one came out of left field, but is probably the only negative comment in the entire batch. There was one more that was a call back to the prenup stories over the weekend - the music video for Kanye West's Gold Digger. The original poster of the video was quick to point out that he was "jk."

Now if only we can get the million plus people here to invest in Facebook. That might help the share price that is now sitting around $31.