Mark Zuckerberg Has Linsanity, Too

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As you can see, the world clearly belongs to Jeremy Lin and we're all just living in it because he allows us to exist. The glow from Lin's swagger is so bright, tech industry mavens are even drawn to it. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg. Who knew the kid who was portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg as being socially inept would one day rise to the point of commanding seats behind the New York Knicks bench?

Another question, I wonder if those NBA players in front of Zuckerberg realize the guy two rows behind them is rich enough to buy the entire team and pay their salaries out his spending money fund?

Some more food for thought: do you think Lin is on Zuckerberg's "Friends" list? Does Zuckerberg "Like" the New York Knicks Facebook fan page? Does he "Like" Jeremy Lin's fan page? Does Zuckerberg's power give him some influence over the Knicks? You know, something like a silent partner who has incredibly deep pockets?

Who knows? Maybe "Zuck" is looking to branch out, just like Mark Cuban. Or, maybe because Lin went to Harvard, Zuckerberg feels a special kind of kinship. Whatever the case, if he is truly a Knicks fan and not someone who's trying to catch the Lin wave, perhaps he should update his wardrobe to represent his choice in basketball teams... Just a thought.

Whatever the case, Spike Lee is certainly down with Zuck:

Spike And Zuck

While the phrase "real recognize real" applies here, perhaps "rich recognize rich" is more appropriate. H/t to 30fps for the screencap and the NBA's TwitPic account for the image of Lee and Zuckerberg.

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