Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married After Big Facebook IPO

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Mark Zuckerberg must be on top of the world right now. Facebook went public on Friday to the tune of $42 a share, even though it settled to $38 after a not so hot day.Regardless, it's still a reason to celebrate. Zuckerberg wasn't going to let the good times stop at the IPO though as the founder of Facebook also got married this weekend.

Zuckerberg updated his Facebook Timeline to show a picture of himself with long-time girlfriend, and now bride, Priscilla Chan. The picture of the newly wed couple has already attracted over 700,00 likes and over 600 comments. While it doesn't break any records, it shows that the Facebook community is super excited for Zuckerberg. All the comments are full of good will and congratulations instead of the jokes that I was kind of expecting.

According to Daily Finance, the wedding ceremony was set to friends only. It took place at Zuckerberg's home in Palo Alto surrounded by only 100 friends and family. The ring given to Chan was adorned with a "very simple ruby." Here I was hoping that he was going to give her a ring with a sapphire shaped in the Facebook logo.

The funny thing is that most who attended the wedding were completely caught off guard. It would appear that the couple was waiting for Chan to graduate medical school so the date of the marriage was always in flux. It appears that the guests were invited under the pretense of a party, but found out it was a wedding after they arrived.

Like any good relationship, the marriage has become Facebook official. Both Zuckerberg and Chan have updated their profiles to show that they tied the knot.

We here at WebProNews wish the newlywed couple the best of luck in the coming years. Here's hoping we will soon be able to report on some little Zuckerbergs running around the Facebook HQ causing all kinds of chaos.