Mark Wahlberg's Wife 'All Good' With Justin Bieber and His Underwear

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Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea Durham sort of apologized to Justin Bieber about slamming his Calvin Klein underwear campaign and insinuating that his photos were retouched. Her husband Mark Wahlberg modeled in a similar campaign several years ago.

Some of her comments led to a viral frenzy over whether or not Justin Bieber's um--package--had been enhanced in some of the photos.

It's uncertain whether that's been determined yet or not.

On Tuesday, when Justin Bieber's ad went viral, Mark Wahlberg's wife let loose with a series of Twitter rants about her husband's campaign outweighing Justin Bieber's. And she may have taken it a bit too far.

Justin Bieber fans became irate, prompting Mark Wahlberg's wife to save face, before an all-out Twitter war broke out.

Maybe she really had a change of heart--or was simply misunderstood?

No. It really looks like guilt got the best of Mark Wahlberg's wife.

And then there comes a point where you over-apologize and that typically serves to make one look especially guilty.

But wait--it continues.

So what's your take? Did Mark Wahlberg's wife feel guilty over her insinuation that Justin Bieber's crotch was stuffed and that he didn't look as hot as Mark Wahlberg in his Calvins?

Justin Bieber didn't go into the campaign in hopes of outshining Mark Wahlberg. In fact, he tweeted about talking to Mark about the campaign.

Justin was also very excited to tweet this.

Mark Wahlberg's wife has reached--no, actually surpassed--the point at which she should simply stop talking about her comments that set off Justin Bieber's fans. A simple apology is one thing--but she went for overkill. And that serves not only to make her look guilty--but kind of ridiculous, too.

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