Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, Announces Birth Of Twin Girls

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Marissa Mayer is now a mom for the second time to twin girls.

Marissa Mayer announced the news on Thursday via Twitter.

Tagging her husband, Zach Bogue, Marissa Mayer reported that everyone is doing well after the birth.

The announcement about the birth of Marissa Mayer's twin girls came shortly after the announcement that she planned to go forward with the plan to create a tax-free spinoff business of Yahoo's $32 billion stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Marissa Mayer just doesn't stop working.

And it seems Marissa Mayer will continue to work from home while caring for her newborn twins just like she did when her son, McAllister, was born three years ago.

Marissa Mayer said she has hired several people to help her care for her children both at home and when she is traveling, and has said she plans to take a “limited time away” for maternity leave and will be “working throughout.”

Yahoo reportedly offers eight weeks of leave for any parent of a new baby. They offer an additional eight weeks for birth mothers.

Maybe Marissa Mayer could use the rest, but she still has a job to do!

What do you think of Marissa Mayer's busy lifestyle with her new twin girls?

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