Mariska Hargitay Prepares for New Season of 'Law & Order: SVU,' Dishes About Taylor Swift

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Mariska Hargitay will soon appear on Law & Order SVU for the 17th straight season. While chatting with reporters about her role as Olivia Benson, she also dished about a very different topic--that of singer Taylor Swift.

As everyone by now knows, Mariska Hargitay appeared in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video. Swift named one of her cats Olivia Benson. The two unlikely stars formed a very real friendship--one that Mariska Hargitay enjoys and deeply respects.

“I think she is so lovely and so mature and has really inspired me,” Mariska Hargitay said.

Taylor Swift even invited Mariska Hargitay to join her at the 2015 MTV VMAs--and she accepted.

“She’s like, ‘Come to the VMAs,’” Hargitay says. “And I’m like, ‘I’m not going to the VMAs. I’m too old to go to the VMAs.’”

She finally accepted the invitation. Mariska Hargitay got ready with the whole group prior to going on stage with Taylor Swift to accept the Video of the Year award for “Bad Blood.”

It's not "Bad Blood" that Hargitay turns to when need an inspiring blast of Taylor Swift music, however. Instead it's "Shake It Off."

“‘Shake it Off’ really touched me deeply, profoundly,” Mariska Hargitay says, noting that she often asks herself why she allows certain things to hurt her feelings. “Then you go, ‘You know what? Shake it off. Move on.’ What a beautiful lesson. I said to her, ‘I’m so grateful for the reminder.’”

Fans can see Mariska Hargitay in the music video version of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," and they'll soon see her in her 17th season as Olivia Benson beginning on September 23rd when Law & Order: SVU kicks off its new season with a two-hour premiere.

Do you suppose Taylor Swift will be tuning in?

Might she appear in an SVU episode at some point?

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