Mario Brothers + Lana Del Rey Cover = Awesome Parody

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As Lana Del Rey's ascension up the popularity charts continues -- is she America's answer to Adele? -- her current hit, Video Games sports the kind of title that would attract the parody crowd, especially those who are fans of gaming.

Enter Jenny Bede and her interpretation of Video Games; however, instead of being a melancholy love song that uses video games as a memory trigger, Bede's version is a melancholy love song based on an incredibly popular video game. In the parody version, the question is asked, what happens when you merry the wrong Super Mario plumber? The result is yet another piece of great user-generated content/remix/parody/content creation for the new generation.

First, Lana's smash:

Now the awesome parody:

Personally, I'm a fan of the sad princess, which mimics Del Rey's look quite well. While the video hasn't quite hit the same YouTube numbers as its inspiration -- Video Games has over 30 million views -- the reception has been warm. From the YouTube comments:

omg lol, dying at the spot on lana emotionless impression lol


what KILLS me about these videos that the girls are all way way better singers than Lana... oh man. love this.


I don't know about all that, but it does support the warm reception idea.

This has to be the most amazing thing i have ever seen. *pouty and emotionless*


And there you have it. I suppose this article could veer into a "this is why you should be against SOPA and ACTA" slant, but hopefully, you already know that by now.

H/t to Dueling Analogs for pointing this out.

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