Mariah Carey Says She Regrets Being On American Idol


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When word got out that R&B superstar Mariah Carey was going to be a judge on American Idol, it's safe to assume that many people were shocked, because the show seemed kind of beneath her.

If you think about it, Carey isn't just a regular singer or entertainer, like Jennifer Lopez, she's an official diva and has been one of the most successful and well-respected vocalist of our time. Plus, most people know the singer for belting out popular songs and hitting incredibly high notes, not for being a TV personality who tries to mentor up and coming singers.

So it's probably no surprise that Carey regrets the whole thing--the show, her role on it, and her now infamous fight with Nicki Minaj. Her short stint on American Idol was a huge blur, she said.

"I don't even remember what that was," said Carey in a recent interview. "That was a moment in my life that I want to press delete, if you really want to know the truth of the matter. Really, it was like I was hoping to be more of a mentor for the people there on the show, for the contestants. And I wanted to and I did give them input when I could [but] not like illegally. When it was alright I would just be like 'Maybe if you want to incorporate....' like there were certain contestants that I was very upset when they would get....I think I can't really say certain things, but whatever."

The "Vision of Love" singer also said she didn't know that Minaj would be on the show, because if she did, she would have never agreed to be on it, since she always thought a three person judge panel worked best.

"Everybody else seems to say whatever they want to say. Well, just to make a long story short because it's a long story, I wasn't happy there because I felt like I couldn't be real, and I thought it was going to be a three person panel, and that would have been cool."

Image via Wikimedia Commons