Mariah Carey: "American Idol" Has Their Own Diva

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I was in middle school when Mariah Carey broke onto the music scene, so I grew up with her music. If you're of a certain age, Mariah was part of your youth in a way that makes you sing along to "Dream Lover" if it comes on the radio, whether you're a lifelong female fan or a big, burly truck driver. You can't help it.

But one thing we can't forget about the songstress is that she's famously difficult to work with and has a history of crazy behavior; also, she's kiiiind of a diva. Just a little.

So in honor of her new job as judge on "American Idol", I thought I'd list some of the crazier things she's done here, because I'm certainly anticipating good times when the new season starts up.

--As seen on her episode of "MTV's Cribs", Mariah has a couch in her kitchen, because she prefers never to sit up if at all possible.


--She has handlers and assistants who do everything from dress her to take her chewed-up gum to dispose of when she's done with it.


--Remember her bizarre appearance on MTV's TRL?

--"Glitter". That is all.


--And finally, the rest of her "Cribs" episode, in which she shows us her "lingerie closet", takes a bath, and changes outfits 12 times.

Amanda Crum
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