Maria Menounos Talks Body, Book and New TV Show

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Maria Menounos once wore a size 14 and now wears a size 2. She touts the process by which she lost the weight and gained her spectacular body in her new book The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness. Within its pages she details how she lost the weight and more importantly, how she kept the 40 pounds off.

E! recently caught up with Maria and talked about her favorite body part as well as about a new show she will soon be hosting on their network.

"I feel like that's definitely my best asset," Menounos says of her abs. "It's not easy. I remember watching Janet Jackson back in the day and being like, 'Oh my god, her abs are amazing. My abs will never be like that.'"

"I can work harder at them and have them be ridiculous," she added. "But it's just enough now. I get a little line and it's good."

Maria Menounos doesn't live on pieces of cantaloupe and water either. In fact, she says she recently indulged in a burger and fries--along with a milkshake. Can you really do that and maintain a svelte size 2?

"You don't have to eat and gorge on every last drop," Menounos advised. "You eat what you want and then you move on. I ate all of the cheeseburger but one big bite. And then I didn't eat all the fries and the shake. I just had a few sips and I was like, 'OK, that's enough.'"

Of course Maria keeps up an incredibly active workout schedule as well, which is also detailed in her book. And the fact that she is a very popular TV celebrity no doubt adds a few additional perks to her life that make both working out and eating properly a bit easier than it might be for the average woman.

Nonetheless Maria Menounos and her abs look spectacular and fans will no doubt look forward to more information about her new show on E! and whether or not she will continue to appear on Extra with Mario Lopez.

Have you checked out The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness? Do you think you could ever have abs like those belonging to Maria Menounos?

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