Maria Menounos Slammed For "Terrible" SAG Performance

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Maria Menounos has quite a bit of experience in the world of television hosting and interviewing, but that doesn't mean she always wins viewers over. In fact, she garnered a whole lot of hate on Twitter Sunday night when she took over red carpet duties from Giuliana Rancic at the SAG Awards, giving what some are calling a "terrible" and cringe-worthy performance.

Menounos has retweeted a few posts from fans (and even one noted non-fan) who lent her support after the backlash began, but other than that she hasn't commented on the incident. According to several viewers, her interviewing skills were lacking and included awkward pauses and too many questions that felt rushed.

One viewer said she was physically "cringing" while watching the red carpet events and several others pleaded with E! to keep Maria Menounos away from interviews.

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Maria Menounos retweeted a few comments, but steered clear of the ugly ones:

Maria Menounos may have had a hater express themselves violently last year when someone threw a tire iron at her vehicle as she was leaving an airport. The iron smashed through the back window of her car, and while no one was injured, Menounos said her makeup artist was in the backseat covered in glass. An investigation was opened, but it's unclear whether anyone was charged.

“We were merging onto the expressway and all of a sudden we heard an explosion. I thought we were being shot at so I told everyone, ‘We’re being shot at! Put your heads down!’ And everyone put their heads down. We waited a second and we didn’t hear another shot, so I lifted my head up and turned around, and the whole back window was shattered and gone, not even a stitch of glass was left," Maria Menounos said.

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