Maria Menounos Attacked While Riding In Her SUV

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As her vehicle was pulling out JFK Airport in New York, Maria Menounos and her entourage were reportedly attacked on the morning of Thursday, October 16. A tire wrench was thrown into her SUV while Menounos and her group were trying to get onto the Van Wyck Expressway, and the object shattered her right rear window.

“It really felt like something out of a movie. I heard an explosion and I started screaming, ‘Everyone down, we’re being shot at. Everyone down!” she told E! News. Menounos added that she believed that someone had been trying to rob them but probably stopped when they saw a police car close by. “We didn’t know if we were being targeted,” said Menounos.

Although Menounos was unhurt by the incident, she was obviously shaken by it, expressing her incredulity on Instagram and Twitter right after it happened. “Omg this just happened. Huge explosion thought we got shot… now we think someone approached the car in traffic and blew out our window. This is what they used!!! This is so crazy!!! We are all freaked out,” she wrote on a photo she posted on Instagram of her holding the tire wrench.

This is what they used!!! This is so crazy!!! We are all freaked out

A photo posted by maria menounos (@mariamenounos) on

Menounos’ makeup artist was covered with glass when the rear window was broken by the assailant, who escaped without being seen. She tweeted, “Crazy morning....@iachilleas ended up with glass shattered all over him.someone threw a tire wrench.” Menounos also shared on Twitter a comment by the driver of her vehicle, who said that he’d never seen an incident like that happen during his 10 years as a driver, “even driving [Snoop Dogg]!”

The incident didn’t seem to rattle Menounos too much as she was still able to attend an Ocean Spray event at Rockefeller Center on the same day. People took the opportunity to ask Menounos about pregnancy rumors. “I think it's funny. It’s new to me. It’s never happened. But you know, people are always curious, and I'm definitely getting to that age where everyone's wondering,” she said.

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