Margot Robbie Might Play Barbie In Live-Action Movie

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Sony Pictures is rumored to be planning a live-action movie of everyone’s favorite doll, and Margot Robbie is said to be in the running to play Barbie.

The news didn’t come from any official statement from Sony Studios or the producers, but from some of the 170,000 emails that were hacked from Sony’s servers and released on Wikileaks.

The emails are about a year old and appear to be a discussion by Sony’s top brass.

Doug Belgrad, the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, wrote that he likes “Margot Robbie, for instance, or possibly a discovery” for the role.

Producer Laurie MacDonald agreed with the idea and said that the Australian actress "is Barbie come to life - she'd be great."

It’s not hard to see why Sony’s head honchos are gunning for The Wolf of Wall Street beauty, what with her long, blonde hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. You can easily imagine her wearing Barbie’s renowned stylish wardrobe.

Luckily for the producers, it seems the 24-year-old Robbie is also keen on the idea of bringing Barbie to life.

According to Hannah Minghella, co-president of production at Columbia Pictures division of Sony, “(Agent David) Bugliari pitched Margot the idea and she loved it! She’s free in October once she wraps Tarzan.”

The hacked emails also discussed which actresses can be considered to play Barbie’s sidekick. Some of the names mentioned were Amy Adams, Amy Schumer, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey.

While the choice on who’ll play Barbie seems unanimous, the emails also showed that the producers can’t agree on who’ll play Maggie. Some of the executives have voiced their concerns about the choices, explaining that Adams might have more marketing value or that Bullock might be too old to be playing a sidekick.

Strangely enough, the role of Ken was never mentioned in any of the emails.

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