Margaret Trudeau: Kim Cattrall Jokes About Identity Mixup

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Margaret Trudeau, mother to Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, was likely flattered when 60 Minutes accidentally misidentified a young Kim Cattrall as her.

The photo in question showed Canadian actress Kim Cattrall on a date with then-prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1981.

The photo and video montage featured many images of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau and his wife at the time, Margaret Trudeau. The piece was about their son and current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and his upcoming state visit.

A 60 Minutes spokesperson said, "We regret the error on one of the several video and still images shown of Margaret Trudeau. It was corrected online last night."

Kim Cattrall took the mixup well, posting, "I have a son who is the Prime Minister of Canada? I couldn't be more proud."

Margaret Trudeau has a history almost as scandalous as that of Samantha Jones.

Margaret Trudeau was married to the prime minister when he was 51 and she was just 22. However, despite being a seemingly doting wife and mother to three boys, she later wrote about how she became obsessed with Senator Ted Kennedy.

She wrote in her memoir about a “discreet meeting with Teddy” in his office, where they drank wine. She later said she told Kennedy that he “had not destroyed my marriage but that I had used him to help me destroy a marriage that was already over.”

Margaret Trudeau was later caught partying with The Rolling Stones. It was soon after that when her marriage to the prime minister ended.

What do you think about the photo mix-up of Kim Cattrall and Margaret Trudeau?

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