Maren Sanchez Murdered for Turning Down Prom Date?

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Maren Sanchez was possibly murdered for turning down one prom date and planning to go with someone else instead. The high school junior from Connecticut was looking forward to her school's junior prom which she planned to attend with a new boyfriend. Rumor has it that another boy asked her to go to prom with him and she turned him down. He then allegedly stabbed her to death in the hallway of Jonathan Law High School in Milford.

The junior prom was postponed Friday night indefinitely following Sanchez's murder. A candlelight vigil was to take place instead of prom on Friday night, with counselors on hand for any students wishing to talk to one.

Eric Kovac was Maren Sanchez's cousin and served as a media representative for her family.

“The unprovoked attack on Maren this morning has unfortunately for our family resulted in the permanent loss of Maren Victoria Sanchez, a bright light full of hopes and dreams with her future at her fingertips,” he said on behalf of the family.

Most of the 200 plus students who showed up for Maren Sanchez's candlelight vigil wore their prom attire.

A 16-year-old classmate of Maren Sanchez, named Chris Plaskon, has since been charged with her murder. Initially charged as a juvenile, he could be tried as an adult in the state of Connecticut. His parents are reportedly distraught over what their son has done.

“They’re devastated not only for him but they’re devastated for Maren Sanchez’s family as well,” their attorney said in a statement.

Chris Plaskon was reportedly a well-liked kid at Jonathan Law High School.

“He wasn’t a kid who was in the shadows. He was a well-liked kid. He was funnier than hell. That’s what makes it really strange," Mark Robinson, Plaskon's former football coach, said of him.

A Facebook page called Maren Sanchez--In Our Hearts was created in honor of the high school junior who lost her life on a day that should have been akin to a fairy tale--one she and her family would remember for years to come. Instead her family will always remember the day, but not as one of fun and happiness.

Friday's senseless murder of Maren Sanchez is further testimony to the depravity that lurks within our schools. While parents work hard to do everything they can to protect their children from befalling the perils of a depraved society, they shouldn't have to protect them from their own classmates. This homicide defies all logic and will likely never make sense in the minds of those left behind.

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