Marco Rubio's Cheerleader Wife Shuns Spotlight

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With the US Presidential elections fast approaching, women like Marco Rubio’s wife, Jeannette Rubio, will have to get used to the spotlight.

That is a tall order for the former Jeanette Dousdebes as she prefers to be behind-the-scenes and would rather just stay home to give stability to their children’s lives.

But the fact that Jeanette is rarely seen, much less heard, has made people wonder about the woman behind the man who might be president.

As it turns out, there’s a lot to know about this happy homemaker.

For one, the lovely Jeanette used to be a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins during the 90s. She was also featured in the cheerleading squad’s first ever swimsuit calendar but left the team in 1996. Two years later, she married Marco.

Marco and Jeanette describe themselves as childhood sweethearts. They first met at a neighborhood party when he was 19 and she was 17.

Their first date was memorable, but not in a good way. According to the 40-year-old Jeanette, they watched the movie Robin Hood on their first date and throughout the movie “he would start talking to me, which I thought was a little annoying.”

Jeannette apparently forgave him that faux pas and they got married in 1998.

The ex-cheerleader also harbored dreams about being a fashion designer, but an unexpected pregnancy made her decide to become a stay-at-home mom. That decision became even more important as Marco’s political career began to flourish.

“If he’s out there, I feel like I have to be here for them, to give them that reality,” she explained.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s not willing to step up and take on a more active role. After all, her presence can be crucial in galvanizing voters of Columbian descent in much the same way her husband’s Cuban roots give him an advantage over Cuban-American voters.

“In the future, if I have to do it, of course I’ll do it,” she assured. "But in general, I am shy."

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