MapQuest Makes Pinning Maps on Pinterest Easier

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MapQuest has just made it easier to pin maps onto Pinterest. The social media site has been picking up tremendous steam over the past few months, and this new addition is sure to add a lot more pins.

People has started using MapQuest to pin the places they have visited, where they are going, and how they are getting there. Road trips can now be given more detail and more insight as people share what they've done scrapbook style.

The method is easy. Just create the map you want on MapQuest. You can choose a single destination, or directions, show the locality in great detail, or relative to the entire country. Once you have what you want, press the Pinterest button in the top right corner of the MapQuest page, and boom, a map image and link is created for you to upload on your pin board.

This new technology is great for documenting vacations and business trips, letting people know you're traveling in style.