MapQuest For Android Can Fix What Google Maps Sometimes Gets Wrong


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Face it, Google: sometimes, you get it wrong when it comes to mapping out directions. In my experience with mapping directions generated by Google, I have taken many an erroneous exist and been directed to intersections that didn't exist. Once, I even arrived at the porch of a household that was totally not expecting me (because we had no idea who each other were!).

While Google Maps gets it right most of the time, the margin of error is significant enough that an alternative mapping option would be greatly welcome. iPhone users have had the option of using either Google Maps or MapQuest when directions provoke a spell of second-guessing and now, as of today, Android users will now be afforded the same directional security.

In a post on the official blog today, MapQuest announced that their mobile app is now available for Android users. The app comes equipped with voice activation and the function to save favorites as well as programmable shortcuts to your favorite destinations. Twice the maps, half the risk of getting lost. Everybody finds a way through life. Nice, yeah?

Of course, however (un)likely Google Maps is to err in the way of mapping directions, the opposite scenario is equally possible and that's why MapQuest on Android is such welcome news: you can democratize your mapping behaviors! Don't trust those Google Maps directions? Fact-check it on MapQuest. Feel like MapQuest is leading you astray? Double-check it on Google Maps.

MapQuest coming to Android is not a forced-opinion poll for your map app preference; it's a second way to ensure that you get to where you're going.