Many Tablet Owners Are Willing To Pay For News


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According the latest Nielsen ratings, many tablet owners outside of the United States are willing to pay for news content over other downloadable media. This is startling news in itself if you ask me. In America, we take the news for granted due to the constant bombardment of breaking stories and sensationalized nonsense. We don't have to pay for news, it is all we can do to avoid hearing about every little story that crawls across the front pages.

Apparently this isn't the case for tablet owners in Italy, Germany, and the UK. More than 44% of tablet users in Italy have paid to download news content on their device, followed by 19% in the UK, and 15% in Germany. The U.S. also came in at 19% for paying to download news content, but this number is dwarfed in comparison to other countries by the extreme amount of other media content we pay for.

In fact, the US dominates every paid content category for tablets except news, including sports, movies, television shows, and music. We are the number one consumers all the way around when it comes to our tablets according to Nielsen.