Manchester United F.C. To Face Liverpool Rivals

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Pre-season friendlies are supposed to be less serious affairs for Premier League teams.

It’s thought of as more or less a chance to get recently transferred players acquainted with the style of play at their new clubs.

It also gives club veterans a chance to get back into the swing of things, especially those returning from a month of grueling World Cup game play.

For Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC, that will inevitably be set aside when the two teams meet on Monday in Miami, Fla.

It’s a rivalry that goes back decades, and there is no way that a meeting of these two teams will be “a simple friendly”.

Manchester United will no doubt be out for revenge after being humiliated by their Liverpool rivals not once, but TWICE last season.

It is also not lost on the Red Devils and their fans that not only did Liverpool nearly win the league, but walked away with a prized position in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Manchester suffered through a largely lackluster season under former manager David Moyes. The “Chosen One” saw the team drop several places before he was sent packing.

When the dust settled, Man Utd. found themselves in 7th place and out of European contention altogether.

While this meeting of the two Premier League sides will do nothing to change the outcome of the 2013-14 season, Manchester United is hoping a decisive victory will restore some sense of lost pride.

Liverpool FC will not go quietly, as it would likely give the Reds no greater pleasure than to add insult to injury.

Who will come out on top? Both sides have impressed during pre-season, but Manchester United can boast a staggering 7-0 victory over the LA Galaxy team.

They are no doubt flying high, and wish to continue.

Liverpool FC meanwhile will likely begin their campaign to demonstrate they are not suffering from the loss of star player (and walking controversy) Luis Suarez, who was recently sold to FC Barcelona.

The only certainty is that for football fans, this is one game you do not want to miss!

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