Man Who Received Face Transplant Smiles For First Time

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This is probably one of the most miraculous things you will ever see or even hear about in your life. There's not much I can say about it without revealing myself to be an ignoramus and a pedant, so I will simply summarize the facts from NBC DFW: a man sustained ungodly burns to his face when his head touched a high-voltage power line. His face was burned off. Three years later, he received a face transplant and became the first patient whose face transplant was not rejected by his immune system. This month, a little less than a year after successfully undergoing the procedure, he is able to smile.

That's all I can say. There is nothing I feel capable of expounding or explaining on this story so I will simply implore you, please, to watch the videos below and marvel at what can only be described as the jaw-dropping awesome that is science.

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