Man Who Fled Zombies In Stolen Truck Pleads Guilty

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Jerimiah Clyde Hartline, the man who fled zombies in a stolen truck back in April, has pled guilty after being offered a plea deal.

For those just joining us, Hartline was arrested back in April after he stole a semi-truck and caused a wreck that injured numerous people. The story got weird when he told officers that he was trying to escape zombies that were clinging onto the truck. It was later revealed that he was under the influence of an unnamed substance during the time.

Going back to the plea deal, Hartline pled guilty to charges of assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run causing death or injury, and vehicle theft. The charges carry a maximum prison sentence of five years. That being said, it's much better than the original charges which included three counts of causing great bodily injury. The extra charges would have upped the maximum prison sentence to 12 years, but the plea deal saw prosecutors throwing out those charges.

The last remaining question in all of this must be what happened to the strawberries being transported in the semi-truck. Said fruit was reportedly undamaged and donated to local food banks and nonprofits. It just goes to show you that zombie hallucinations not only lead to massive wrecks on the interstate, but free strawberries for lower income families.

[h/t: UT San Diego]

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