Man Trapped In Snow 2 Months- Twitter Responds

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Peter Skyllberg, age 44, of Sweden was found Friday trapped in his car in the snow. He was about a mile deep in the woods, and claims he had been stuck there since December 19!

Details on how he became stranded, whether or not he had been reported missing, etc. are very sketchy-to-nonexistent at this point. Lots of questions are being asked about the case. Skyllberg claims he had nothing to eat but snow for two months. Temperatures were below freezing. So far, there seems to be less asked about whether or not this really happened as he states, and a lot of speculation about "human hibernation" and the upper limits of starvation and fasting in below-freezing temperatures.

News reports say that Skyllberg was found by someone who happened to be passing by on a "snow scooter" in the woods. No word yet on why he was a mile off the road into the woods. He had a sleeping bag and was huddled up inside.

Skyllberg is reportedly awake and able to talk. Given all the time that reporters have had to get opinions and statements from scientists and doctors about how he could have "hibernated" and benefitted from an "igloo effect" in his car, you'd think someone would have asked if there was a missing persons report filed on the poor guy since before Christmas. The headlines don't read, "Man, Missing For Months, Finally Found Alive In Snow".

A search for a Facebook page for Skyllberg, though likely in Swedish, only turned up a picture of a little girl flipping her middle finger. We'll spare you that.

Then, there's this, which I will be interested to keep an eye on…

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