Man Arrested After Butt-Dialing 911 During Drug Deal

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Before the omnipresence of "slide to unlock" touchscreens and passcodes, it seemed like I was the recipient of an accidental call at least once a week. We've all been there - and if you're the one unknowingly blabbing to a friend, or singing loudly (and badly) in your car, it could lead to at least a few moments of embarrassment.

To say the least...

But most butt-dial horror stories involve the disclosure of sensitive information, or in the worst cases an unwilling broadcast of some more...private times. Most butt-dials don't wind up throwing you in the slammer.

Unfortunately for 24-year-old Justin Kryzanowski of Scranton, Pensylvania, his butt-dial wasn't most butt dials.

The Times-Tribune is reporting that Kryzanowski is facing possession charges (drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons) after a very unlucky accidental call led police to his door. According to the report, Kryzanowski most an unwitting call to 911 while in the middle of a drug deal. The Lackawanna County dispatch center captured the entire deal on recording, and notified Scranton police of the "open line" to "narcotics activity."

Police later tracked Kryzanowski to his place of residence. There, they found syringes of Suboxone, various types of prescription medication, paraphernalia, and a set of brass knuckles. They also found Kryzanowski, a little messed up from the drugs.

And sure enough, his cellphone was found to be the one that made the unfortunate 911 call.

Surprisingly enough, this isn't the first time in recent memory that a butt-dial has led to the foiling of a criminal plot. Back in December of 2011, two men were arrested as they tried to rob a video game store after police listened to them plot the heist for nearly an hour beforehand.

On of the two men had accidentally called 911.

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