Malin Akerman Is Pregnant And Already Craving Things

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Malin Akerman, the actress perhaps best known for her roles in "The Watchmen" and "The Heartbreak Kid", has announced that she and rocker husband Roberto Zincone are expecting their first child next spring.

Akerman says she and her husband are enjoying the early days of her pregnancy and haven't given much thought yet about planning, such as what the nursery will look like. She is, however, already having cravings for "the most random things -- fries and grilled cheese sandwiches, and everything that's bad for you. But it tastes so good!"

The actress compared the cravings to the morning after a rowdy night, saying, "It's kind of like when you are hungover…but it's that kind of feeling where you want to eat everything greasy…so the diet is great, I love it."

Akerman and her husband have been married for ten years but only recently decided to try for a baby. As for finding out the sex, the actress says they haven't decided whether they'll do it or not.

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