Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Signals Confirmed

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has still not been recovered, but on Monday there is new evidence that the signals heard over the past few days have indeed been coming from the airplane's black box.

This new confirmation of the origin of the signals gives hope that perhaps the plane and its black box could be recovered. The problem lies in finding it before the black box's battery runs out, which it's supposed to do at 30 days after an accident. We are there.

Retired Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, who is coordinating search efforts out of Perth, Australia, said the sounds were heard at a depth of 4,500 meters (about 14,764 feet), according to CNN.

Houston told the press that he is more optimistic about finding the plane after these latest developments, but cautioned them to take the information and treat it cautiously. However, he added, "I would like us to find some wreckage."

As new physical evidence is sought, new information about the plane's flight path presents a new mystery. Apparently, after study of the planes new supposed flight path, experts say that the plane was deliberately flown in a pattern that would keep it off of radars.

As to the "why?" of the situation, that remains to be seen, but CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes cautions against assuming anything.

"I think the plane's being intentionally flown there, but I think it's still a mystery as to why. ... I think they would probably guess they're not avoiding anybody's radar, because there's a lot of radar in the area," he said. "I think they're avoiding getting shot down or colliding with another airplane."

However, CNN aviation analyst Miles O'Brien indicated that some things could be assumed about the perpetrators, if that's what they are.

"This particular route that is laid out happens to coincide with some of these named intersections," he said. "So what it shows is an experienced pilot somewhere in the mix on this."

The batteries on the black box signal could wear out in days, if not hours, so here's hoping for a quick location and closure for the families with members who were aboard the ill-fated flight.

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