MakieLab's 3D Printed Dolls Are Kind Of Terrifying

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3D printers have been used for quite some time to make toys. Some of these toys are impossibly cool puzzles, while others are board game figurines. One company is now staking its fortunes on a line of 3D printed dolls.

MakieLab, a London-based toy company, announced today that its first toy line, Makies, have passed certified as safe for children three and up in Europe. They will be the first 3D printed toy on the continent to bear the CE mark.

So, what does a 3D printed doll look like? A combination of nightmare fuel and Child's Play reruns:

Makies Dolls

I'm sure some children will absolutely adore these things, but I've always been terrified of dolls. It's mostly the eyes, and these dolls definitely fulfill the creepy eye quota.

Putting my fear of dolls aside, this is a big deal for 3D printers. It means that 3D printed products are finally entering the mainstream and getting government approval.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to attend therapy for my irrational fear of dolls.

[h/t: 3ders]