Makeup Tips To Lighten Your Look For Spring

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Spring is all about being light and cheerful and saying goodbye to the dark and gloom of winter. That means lightening up your makeup as well. While you don't have to paint your face with pastels to celebrate spring, there are a few makeup tips that will give you a fresh and natural look that is perfect for Spring days and nights.

If you wear eyeliner, consider mastering the wing look. This look is perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. If you are not a pro at creating perfect eyeliner wings yet, use a piece of tape at the corner of your lash line and angle it up towards to outer end of your brow line. The tape will help keep your eyeliner straight and make sure each eye matches. If you mess up, use a wet cotton swab to fix your wing.

Colored eyeliner is going to be a popular look this spring, but you have to know how to wear it properly. Colored eyeliner can make a statement, but you need to match it to your eye color and the rest of your makeup. If you have blue eyes, consider wearing green, orange, purple or bronze eyeliner. If you have green eyes, wear green, brown, or copper. If you have brown eyes, purple, green and gold will look best on you. Wear colored liner instead of your regular black or brown liner or layer them for a more fierce look.

Bold lips are in this spring but if you want to avoid looking like a clown, you have to tame down the rest of your makeup to compliment your lip color. Choose a deep red or orange lipstick and go easy on the blush. Instead of going for a bright and colorful eye, go for a smoky eye or neutral eye makeup and accent your lashes with dark mascara.

Spring is in the air and nothing will put you in the mood for a fresh start like new makeup and a soft makeover. What are your favorite spring makeup tips?

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