MakerBot Made A Documentary About The Boy With The 3D Printed Robohand

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The feel good story of January was when a designer used a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand for a boy who never had one. The project has been progressing smoothly since then thanks to the free 3D printers sent their way courtesy of MakerBot. Now the 3D printer company has released a documentary showing how 3D printers are changing lives in the most positive of ways.

As people are becoming increasingly concerned over 3D printed guns, it's good to remember the incredible and undeniable good that the technology can enact. Without 3D printers, children like Liam wouldn't be able to afford the prosthetics that give them an entirely new lease on life.

If you want to learn more about Liam and the development of the robohand, check out the team's official blog.

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