Make Your Images Work For You On Pinterest

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Pinnable Business has put together a very handy infographic that can help you makes sure the images you upload to Pinterest do the work you intend them to.

Lots of businesses are hopping on board Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing, heavily-trafficked social sharing sites out there. They post pictures of their products, illustrations from stories they publish, etc. But, some postings do better than others.

A few things to consider include:

    Don't just pin from other sites. Upload your own images as well.

    Rename your images so the filename is more descriptive.

    Do lengthy descriptions.

    Don't abuse Pinterest as your advertising site. Use it socially.

    Put the Follow and Pin It buttons on your site.

Browse through the full infographic below for more great tips on getting better mileage out of your pinned images on Pinterest.

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