Maisie Williams Talks "Game Of Thrones" Sex Scenes

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Maisie Williams, the 16-year old actress who plays Arya Stark on "Game Of Thrones", spoke recently about the sometimes blush-inducing sex scenes on the hit HBO fantasy show, and said that when she was younger, reading the scripts was often an experience she could have done without.

“Me and Sophie [Turner], when we were little, we went to the read-throughs of the scripts and we were just, like, cringing,” Williams told The Post. “Other people love it, but it’s not my thing.”

Williams also spoke briefly about the upcoming season of the show, which die-hard fans are eagerly anticipating. While the first three seasons were all about leading up to a huge finale--the "Red Wedding", for instance--Williams says this season will be a little different.

“This year, we’ve got different pinpoints throughout the series rather than just building up to a massive ending,” she said.

Speaking of the "Red Wedding" episode, Williams made headlines with her Vine right after it aired, giving a hilarious reaction to the ending that sent millions to their computers to vent.

HBO recently released a 15-minute teaser for the upcoming season, which includes interviews with the director and actors as they give their thoughts on the infamous episode and about what will happen in the coming months.

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