Magnolia Pictures Acquires Rights To Steve Jobs Lost Interview

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Magnolia Pictures announced today that they have acquired the rights to a lost interview with Steve Jobs. The interview will be coming to select theaters later this month, with a video release to come after.

In 1995 Steve Jobs was the head of NeXT Computers. He had been away from Apple for 10 years. Apple was struggling badly at the time, and late the following year they would acquire NeXT in an almost $2 million deal that brought Jobs back to the company he helped found. Jobs became a consultant for Apple in early 1997, and by July he had been named the company's "iCEO" (the "i" standing for "interim"). Three years later the "i" was dropped and Jobs was named permanent CEO, a post he would hold until his death last October.

But in 1995, none of that had happened yet. Jobs was still the head of NeXT and principal owner of Pixar (which was preparing to put its first feature film, a little flick called Toy Story, in theaters). That year, Jobs sat down with Robert Cringely and gave a lengthy interview. In the interview Jobs discussed his early career, his struggles, and his vision for the future at length. While bits of the interview were incorporated into a TV special, much of it was not. The parts that were not included were thought lost. Recently, though, the entirety of the interview was rediscovered.

Magnolia Pictures, owned by the Wagner/Cuban Company, has acquired the U.S. rights for the interview. Following a successful series of screenings in Landmark theaters, the film will be released in select theaters on May 11th. Later in the summer it will be released on DVD and in electronic format. Check out the trailer below:

Additionally, another video on YouTube includes some of the footage that was included in the TV special. This includes a bit more of the interview than Magnolia's trailer:

For more information, you can check out the film's page here.

What do you think of this lost Steve Jobs interview? Will you see the it if it comes to your city? Let us know in the comments.

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